About Us

About Us

About Us

Innovative Asset Management

The Assured Property Group was formed to provide technology-led property asset management services to property and land owners across the UK. We have an extremely knowledgeable and experienced in-house team that can bring all the necessary asset management expertise to your business, to optimise your property assets.

From conception to completion, we can fulfil all the roles needed to devise and then implement the strategy on a site by site basis across both small and significant, multiple thousand site portfolios.

Transparency and integrity are a fundamental part of our operations which we ensure through the use of up to date workflow systems that are available for use by our clients 24/7.

The backbone of our operation is our own proprietory information system Nimbus™. Developed by sister business Nimbus Property Technologies and in conjunction with Warwick University, it gives us unprecedented access to the largest relationship property database in the UK.

This allows us to always ensure the very best results for our clients.


“Very professional and very well organised, good quality professional staff.” Head of Estate Development, Punch Taverns